Wms FS260 ProThrmo Tight II Large


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Classic women’s Thermoroubaix® tight which will transforms cold winter rides
  •  Luxurious Thermoroubaix® fabric with DWR M™ treatment provides insulation, comfort and water repellency
  •  MadeKind fabric certified as safe for you and the environment with no toxic PFC’s
  •  Women’s 600 series pad, computer cut “Continuously Variable Profile” (CVP) stretch pad with gel inserts and antibacterial finish*
  •  Bonded cuff with raw edge cuff for a snug fit at ankle
  •  Ankle zip for easy access
  •  Cold legs are slow legs!
  •  *Contains Zinc Pirythione anti-microbial Biocidal finish which prevents the multiplication of odour-causing bacteria

Konstruktion: Nylon 45%, Polyester 42%, Elastane 13%