Sustainability and regenerative biking

Cycling is a natural choice when visiting the Faroe Islands and more and more visitors are choosing this non-pollution option, wanting to preserve the unspoiled and clean nature of the Faroe Islands.

Bicycles run quietly, which limits noise pollution and nuisance in the nature. Bicycles do not wear our roads or nature and do not require major changes to infrastructure or new areas for parking. Cycling requires no petrol and therefore no harmful emissions from vehicles or smog are released into the air when you cycle.

Choosing to use a bicycle during your vacation on the Faroe Islands, instead of a car, is one of the simplest ways to lower your environmental footprint and not contribute to the climate crisis while visiting the Faroe Islands. Choose to go cycling one your own or book a tour with a local guide or book a program, that takes you to the best spots around the islands.

The personal benefit is that you stay active and in shape while traveling, which is very good for your health. If you need a break; the bicycle can be taken on public busses and ferries for free.

At RENT A BIKE all bikes are in our shop in Tórshavn, guests are given quality bikes, maintain by our local mechanic, guests are given water bottles made from recycled material to borrow while renting the bike; we fill the bottle with clean tap water. We offer reusable reflective vests to increase safety.  All food for the guided tours, is provided from a local supplier. Guided tour and programs are all design in respect for the nature and the local farmers.

You can keep your standard of sustainability while traveling.