Rental of bicycles is at your own risk.

Any complaint about the rent must be submitted to rentabike.fo immediately after the delivery of the bicycle. If the bicycle turns out to be defective attributable to rentabike.fo the bike is exchanged or repaired without charge.

If the bike is broken or the bike is lost during the rental period please contact rentabike.fo at +298 270600. The tenant is liable for any damage or degradation during the rental period and shall cover rentabike.fo lost on demand. Lost bike and accessories must be replaced by full-time bearings.

The rent includes a theft insurance that covers if the bike has been securely locked and stolen. The rent includes a non-life insurance that covers if the tenant has cycled properly and is out of an accident and falls or collapses and damage occurs on the bike. Theft and non-life insurance have a own-risk of DKK 1,000. The insurance costs 50 kr. for each bicycle and is included in the rent.

Paid rental is not refunded if the rental period becomes shorter than agreed. If the tenant becomes bad and must finish the trip before time the rent will not be refunded. It is recommended that the tenant has his own insurance. Bad weather during the rental period does not entitle you to a reduction in the agreed rent.

In case of damage to the tenant other person or thing no claims can be made against rentabike.fo. Only renters own insurance is valid.

It is recommended that the tenant uses a helmet. It is the tenant’s own responsibility that traffic rules are complied with.