Weekdays 9 – 18
Saturday 9 – 14
Sunday 13 – 14
If you want to pick up or drop of the bike at another time, please let us know and we can make an appointment.
You can pick up and drop off the bike at the shop during the opening hours in June, July and August. If you want to pick up or drop off the bike at another time, please let us know and we can make an appointment.
From September to May, just let us know when you are coming to the shop. We are only 10 minutes away.
You can have the bike at the Airport when you arrive and we can pick it up again when you leave the Faroe Islands. Drop off and pick up elsewhere as well, ex. Hvalvík and bike to Saksun, Tjørnuvík or Gjógv.
You can bike through the 19 tunnels and 2 subsea tunnels on the Faroe Islands. The 19 tunnels are “low-cost” tunnels (similar to Norway and Island).
You should always wear a helmet and have extra strong light. We recommend you to have blinking lights as well. You should also put on a reflective vest or some reflective items while biking through a tunnel.
Some tunnels are 2 lanes, others are 1 lanes. The width is from 7 meters to 2,8 meter and the length is from 683 meters to 3.240 meters. The subsea tunnels are 4.940 meters and 6.186 meters. (www.lv.fo)
Please notice that the Kollfjarðar-tunnel is heavily trafficked. The tunnels on the islands Borðoy, Kunoy and Kalsoy are narrow and dark. The tunnels on Borðoy are heavily trafficked as well.

Detailed information on tunnels: https://www.landsverk.fo/?id=396

It is a good idea to go biking on Suðuroy. You can rent the bike at rentabike.fo next to the Bus and Ferry Terminal and bring the bike with you on the ferry Smyril to Suðuroy.
Where can we go on a self-guided day trip?
It is a very good idea to go biking on Sandoy. You can rent a E-bike. Mountain Bike or a Road Bike at rentabike.fo next to the Bus and Ferry Terminal and bike to Gomlu rætt. There you take the ferry to Sandoy. You bike form Skopun to Sands, where there is a nice Café Breiðateig. You can continue to Skálavík and stop at the hotel or at the romantic café Mølin by the harbor. In the village Húsavík you can see the Viking settlement or you can bike to the charming village Dalur. While waiting for the ferry in Skopun, on your way back, you can visit one of the largest mailboxes in the world. The island Sandoy has beautiful little villages and peaceful lakes and is a low traffic island. The trip is approximately 60 kilometer.
rentabike.fo have suggestions for tours in the shop and on our website. The tours are divided into different degrees of severity. We recommend you to inform you about the weather conditions before the trip begins. Check https://www.landsverk.fo/ https://www.yr.no/place/Faroe_Islands/Other/Faroe_Islands/?spr=eng
Bicycle helmets are not included in the price. Bike helmets can be rented at rentabike.fo for 50 DKK per bike.
We recommend using bicycle helmets.
A bicycle lock is included in the price.
The bikes comes with regular pedals. You can rent pedals for road bike (SPD-SL) and pedals for MTB pedals (SPD) for 50 DKK per bike.
You can rent a rear rack for a Mountain Bike for 50 DKK per bike. E-Bikes coms with rear rack. Road Bikes don’t take rear rack.
E-Bike: You can rent a bag for the rear rack for 50 DKK per bike or two or three bags for 100 DKK per bike.
Mountain Bike: You can rent a rear rack and a rear rack bag for 100 DKK per bike or a rear rack and two or three bags for 150 DKK per bike.
Road Bike: Sadle bags are avivable (14 – 18 liter) for 100 DKK per bike.
You can pay by credit card or cash at the shop. We will bring our payment terminal to the drop of place fx. the Airport, then you can pay by credit card.
You don’t need to make a reservation. You can turn up on the day you want to rent the bike. Just let us know when you will be at the shop and we will meet you there.
You can have a privat guided tour on the day that suits you best, please do not hesitate to ask.
There is a spare bicycle tube and an iron in the Saddlebag, so you can switch tube if there is a puncture. A bicycle pump is on the bike. If you have any problems, please contact rentabike.fo +298 270600.
If you feel bad on the trip and need medical help you must dial 112. If you feel bad on the trip and want to be transported to your place of residence you can call rentabike.fo +298 270600 and get instructions about public transport, taxi or be picked up by rentabike.fo, at you own expense.
If you don’t use the bike for all days and returns the bike, you will not get the money back. rentabike.fo recommends that you have a travel insurance.
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